"The money was well spent, and it gives the movie a look of absolute professionalism that you don't see a lot of in true indie cinema."


"I really do recommend this movie quite a bit. It's a charming bit of pirate demon hokum, and reminds me of the types of films I used to see at the Saturday matinee. The script is a real delight, and everyone plays their parts beautifully... It's lightweight and unpretentious."


"...wonderful example of what indie cinema can be when it's made by people with real heart."


- Denver Johnson, Demons of Celluloid

"Chock full of indie goodness...a lot of fun!"


"The best part about CAPTAIN Z & THE TERROR OF LEVIATHAN is the script. Filled with one liners and personality, there’s real bite to this story as told through these characters."


"...never once does this film try to be taken seriously, which is why it’s so fun."


"’re bound to find a lot of fun to be had with CAPTAIN Z & THE TERROR OF LEVIATHAN."


- Mark L. Miller, Ain't It Cool News



"Captain Z is one hell of an indie flick."


"The acting in this one is top notch...The story for this one is fun as hell."


"It has action, adventure, and cheesy one liners. If you watch one movie this year that I recommend then let it be this one!"


- Mac Brewer, Horror Society

"4/5 Stars."


"I was literally blown away at how much fun I had watching this movie."


"...acting and a story are what can make or a break a movie. CAPTAIN Z has all of that and then some."


"Captain Z is a perfect example of why Indie movies a[re] special."


"I highly recommend checking this movie out."


- Chad Zuver, The Fan Critic

"Is this film outlandish? Most certainly. Is it goofy? Hoooh yeah. Is it worth seeing? Most definitely."


"Played over the top just enough to be broad without being cartoonish, the acting here is quite substantial for this kind of gig, and nods to one and all."


"The gore effects are not over the top, but are quite well done throughout, most accomplished with appliances rather than using digi..."


- Robert Barry Francos, Indie Horro Films

"...amazing and incredibly crafted offbeat independent feature."


"I give this hilarious flick 3 out of 4 stars..."


- Tim Gross, Gross Movie Reviews

" of the funniest microbudget indie horror/comedies I have ever seen!"


"The dialogue is incredibly witty and it’s just a zany adventure from start to finish..."


"This movie is a riot right from the first 30 seconds and keeps going right to the're going to have a blast!  Four stars."


- John Leppar, The Blood Shed

"The movie skims along at a nice brisk pace, firing out gags like a mirth machinegun..."


"The plot is goofy, but never betrays its own internal logic, and the story is surprisingly captivating."


" is much better than it has any right to be and is a genuinely fun viewing experience."


- Steven Hickey, Hickey's House of Horrors